My name is Herb Deitz, and I live in San Carlos, Ca. I am currently a board member of the Peninsula Camera Club in San Mateo, Ca and have been invested in the art of photography for as long as I can remember. I grew up on the East Coast, and relocated to Northern California in 1985. In my time, I have been able to travel to many places of beauty such as Israel, Greece, Turkey, Canada, Yellowstone, and more. While my adult career was recruiting for high tech startup companies in the Silicon Valley,  photography in its many forms has always been my passion. 

            I have a significant photographic background in shooting a variety of subjects that interest me, and I hope that you find them as enjoyable as I do. My experience includes:


  • Landscape Photography

  • Sports and Action Photography

  • Nature and Wildlife

  • Architecture

  • Children and Toddler photography

  • Event Photography

  • Travel Photography

  • Night Photography

  • Model Photography

I have some of my favorite work displayed in the                 , stop by and take a look. 


Additionally, I am also available for tutoring in several areas of photography, such as:

  • Composition

  • Photography that tells a “story”

  • Stop,Think, then hit the shutter

  • Rules of Photography can be broken

  • The Golden Triangle  ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture settings

  • Selection of a camera

  • Lens selection

If you have questions or inquiries about tutoring, 

Hello, and welcome to my photography site!